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Phone: 201-556-9799

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A Whole New Way to Ensure Good Grades, A Positive Attitude, Increased Focus & Confidence…


Dear Parent,

The core skills of success and happiness are character qualities such as self-confidence, personal responsibility, respect for self and others and self-discipline. Combined these with athletic skills, like fitness, coordination and flexibly and your child to excel mentally and physically!

Speaking of the “physical” side…Research now shows increased activity can help standardized test scores rise as well as – improve reading ability.  Increased physical activity has also been linked to fewer episodes of fighting and better attendance.

“It seems fitness and nutrition aren’t just good for your health – they’re good for academic achievement as well,” said author Melanie Guertin.
At MVP TaeKwonDo we’ve discovered that when you combine intense physical exercise with the proper teaching of mental skills like focus and concentration – then add the core life skills training you can’t help but create a winning formula that will set  your child up for success in life

Perfect for Beginners…

It really doesn’t matter what a child’s current fitness level or social skills are. To benefit from our program  they don’t have to be a “star athlete,” “socially outgoing,” or already have good concentration skills.  We Help Them Develop Those Skills! We Produce Happy Kids and Proud Parents!!

Register Right Here, Right Now to Schedule Your First FREE, No Obligation Lesson. During this special session I’ll show your child some really simple and safe martial arts moves. Plus I’ll start them on the road to enhanced confidence with…

  • The 4 laws of razor sharp focus
  • The 7 Magic Words That Get and Give Respect, Instantly
  • The True Meaning of Self-Discipline, so they can actually use it in their lives.
  • The Secret Word That Stops The Bully in His Tracks

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